He humbly applies to Christ, as the only Way of Salvation, and escaping Divine Vengeance. A Man reasons thus with himself: If I continue to go on in the Practice of sin, certain Destruction will be the Consequence of it: And if I yield the best Obedience I am able, that cannot justify me before God, and give me a Right to eternal Life, because it will not be such, as the Law requires to those Ends; and, therefore Ruin, and that for ever, is unavoidable, in that Way. He argues much after the same Manner, as the Lepers did, who sat at the Gate of Samaria, and said, if we sit here, we shall die, if we enter into the City, the Famine is in the City, we shall die there. If we fall into the Hands of the Assyrians, and they save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we can but die. So says the brokenhearted Sinner, if I gratify my Lusts, I am sure Destruction will follow, and if I perform Duty, and depend on that, nothing but endless Misery is before me: Christ is the alone Way of Peace and Safety; unto him therefore, will I apply myself, if he shews me Compassion I shall live, if he refuses so to do, I can but die, and therefore, I will throw myself at his Feet, and if I perish, I perish: As Esther said, when she went into the Presence of Ahasuerus without an Order for it. And this Application unto Christ is made with a deep Sense of our own Unworthiness, and with Speed, as a Man-slayer hastened to the City of Refuge for Security from the Avenger of Blood.

Hence Faith is expressed by fleeing for Refuge {Hebrew 6:18}. Hereby we are preserved from entirely sinking into Despondency, and in this Trust, we remain fully satisfied, and some Hope arises in our Souls, that we shall meet with a kind and gracious Reception, from Him, whose encouraging Language, always expressed His Heart, and, who hath said, Him that cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast out {John 6:37}. A precious and gracious Declaration indeed, sufficient it is to answer all Objections, which are formed in the Mind from the Consideration of our Guiltiness and Impurity. Many Thousands of poor convinced and sorrowfull Souls, have had Reason to adore the Compassion of a tender Saviour, which is so strongly expressed in those blessed Words of His. And that Invitation wherewith the sacred Canon is almost closed, hath afforded great Encouragement to Multitudes; The Spirit and the Bride say come: Let him that heareth say come, let him that is a thirst come: And whosoever will, let him, take the Water of Life freely {Revelation 22:17}. Under the benign Influences of the good Spirit of God, the Soul is by these sweet Declarations and Invitations, encouraged to apply to Christ for Pardon, Peace, Righteousness, Grace, Wisdom and Strength, yea for every Thing necessary to its Welfare and Happiness. And, herein, sometimes great Importunity is used, with a most frank and full Acknowledgment of our Vileness, and unworthiness. It is with us as with the Canaanitish Woman, who upon a Repulse from Christ, not out of Unkindness to her; but to try her Faith, said, Truth, Lord, yet the Dogs eat of the Crumbs, which fall from their Master’s Table; so we in this Application to a Redeemer confess, that we are so vile and so unworthy, that no Name of Reproach is too severe to be applied to us; but notwithstanding that, we are determined to lie at the Feet of Jesus, and implore His Help, who came into the World to save the chief of Sinners. Oh! sad Truth, says the Soul, I am justly described by that Character, and therefore, it is fit, I should abase myself in the very Dust, and eternally own, that Shame and Confusion belong to me: But O precious Truth! Christ came to save even such, and, therefore, it may be, that I may obtain Mercy, and find Favour with Him. However in Him alone will I place my Hope.

This Act is a Receiving of Christ for a Saviour. Sometimes, by a Reception of Christ and his Benefits, we intend a Man’s appropriating Him and His Salvation to Himself, or his concluding upon it, that Christ is his, and all saving Blessings, which flow from Him; this is Faith grown up into Assurance. But that is not what I here design, but a Person’s Choice of Christ to be his Saviour, his Approbation of Him in that Character, not only from the Consideration of the Necessity of an Interest in Him in order to his Safety; but also from an Apprehension, in some Measure, of the Condescency and Fitness of delivering us from Ruin alone through His Blood, Righteousness and Grace. Upon this View, although we may be attended with many Doubts and Fears, relating unto our Interest in Christ, and in His Salvation, here we fix all the Hope we have, and are fully resolved, never to embrace any other Object for our Trust and Confidence, let what will be the Issue. Now, this is a real and true Reception of Christ, as He is proposed to us for our Acceptance in the Gospel: Or it is believing in Him, and taking Him for our Saviour, if saved we shall be. And those, who are assisted thus to apply to Him for Salvation from Sin, and all its dismal Effects, have no Reason to doubt of the Truth of their Faith, nor of the Love, Compassion, and Care of a tender Redeemer, who will not cast out any who come to Him.